Dear lord the days go by fast. Well, I must say that I once again hate computers. This time I hate all things computer though. I shoulda gone into cooking or something. Anything to get away from computers.

On another note, Open Source Committee had another meeting tonight. We really didn’t do anything though. I made all the lazy people log into their Flare accounts (some people for the first time) and they all took shots at me while finding bugs. I don’t quite know the way to approach the way they treated me at the meeting. I’d say it was along the lines of mocking, but it actually seemed somewhat beneficial.

All the members seem to have this feeling that I’m somehow a mean dictator because I’m so much smarter (or at least sound that way) when it comes to the stuff I talk to them about. I think this has made them all fear me. Problem is though that I want them to learn! Not to be scared of breaking something!

Emborsky gets the idea and he’s motivated to rip it up on the systems. Same goes for Lindberg. What the other members did tonight was basically mock my intelligence. They did one of those “oh I found a bug! That means you’re not perfect!”. But honestly this was probably a good thing.

It brought me down to their level in their minds. Once they realize I’m not out to get them and despite the fact that I may know a lot, I certainly don’t know everything; once they realize this, then they’ll want to work. I think it’ll turn out better. Several of the members have taken the initiative to get in contact with me for help, and I really appreciate it!

Not much else has happened today though. I’m fighting with this netreg program to get it running for Tech. Also, Synergy seems to have a lagging bug in it which causes HUGE lag between mouse clicks at times. I hope this gets fixed, but in the meantime I’ll just kill it and restart X when things go out of whack.

Would anyone be against me living in Georgia btw?