So I randomly rode almost a century today.

This is going to be a short post because i’m zonked and am going to sleep.

Some things that I noticed.

  • The chamois cream was a godsend.
  • I rode with my stock seat and was surprisingly comfortable
  • My big toes feel like they are swollen, and felt like that for a large part of the ride.
  • I’ve got a cramp in my right kidney….or it’s another stone making its way down
  • I have what feels like a saddle sore on my right bottom cheek
  • I met another cool rider along the path, Sam, and we’re now cycling buds
  • When I got back home, my legs felt ok, and aerobically I felt ok, but was hugely fatigued
  • I broguth 4 GUs, 2 Nuuns, and 2 nutrigrain bars. That was nowhere near enough food.
  • I ate two banannas, some yogurt, and a bowl of chana masala after the ride
  • I went through 2 camelbacks, and 2 24 oz bottles of water along the ride. I think this is way too low; I probably should have been drinking more and replacing electrolytes along the way
  • I got a tickle in my throat again which left me having trouble taking deep breaths. Now the kidney pain is causing me to have trouble taking really deep breaths
  • The right knee pain came back, but when I stopped and did an in the field IT band stretch, it felt much better (cross legs and lean to one side)
  • Lower back pain was a big issue
  • Pressure in groin was a big pain issue