Bluecoat Web Proxies include a command on the CLI that does not show up if you use the help context. Well, actually, this is an understatement. Bluecoat webproxies have way more that just this one command.

The command is called get-now-noblock and is available from the following enable menu

content-filter > local > download get-now-noblock

You can verify this by trying it, or do like I did and decompile the applet.jar file that provides their user interface.

Originally I thought it was speaking HTTP as I was trying to capture the URLs it was POSTing to so that I could script something that would let me control local database downloading remotely.

After decompiling the applet jar though I found out that the stupid thing is literally sending freaking CLI commands to the backend. What a cop out.

Hey, I can cop out like the best of them. So I made an expect script that will do what I need to do.