Will and I hung out this weekend. It was cool to see him again as it's been a couple weeks and we used to hang out all the time. We watched Walking Hard via Netflix on Xbox; yup, I went and got a gold membership.

It was an awesome movie and the gold membership for Netflix is totally worth it. We were both stoked to see how much stuff was available.

I made the plugin search feature in nessquik so much more awesome this weekend. My first attempt at it was rather lame. It was too cluttered and rather "bleh". I'll use the same approach I did for the plugins with the targets for audits.

I dunno what brought this upon me, but I had a sudden urge to listen to Slipknot while I was wrapping up the code for the plugin search. So Youtube saved the night in that regard.

My dad, myself and my brothers are going to see District 9 on Tuesday. I watched the early trailer for it but then lost interest in it as there was no publicity about it. I heard it's a good movie though, so I'm looking forward to that.