Some crazy stuff has been happening these last couple of days.

First, I got in contact with an old friend, Cole, who I haven't seen in about 5 or 6 years. We hung out at my place and caught up on everything that has happened between then and now. It was amazing to hear all the stuff that can happen in what sounds like such a short amount of time. I hope that he and I can continue to be friends, as he's really not a bad guy and has a lot of potential.

I finished Paulos' book "I Think Therefore I Laugh"; it was a tough read. Paulos typically doesn't let the Mathematician in him escape in his writing, but this book was completely different. My head was swimming as I read what was intended to be humorous quips to Philosophical ideas. Good thing the book was limited to < 200 pages. My eyes were bleeding by the end.

Next in the queue is to finish Bogle's book "Common Sense on Mutual Funds". I started it a while ago but stopped ~200 pages in because parts of it can be dry, or require a level of attention that I just couldn't provide at the time. It's one of those books that you really need to read out loud to yourself because you'll drone off if you're silent. He has a lot of valid points and strong arguments, but the subject matter is just naturally void of Indiana Jones style action or fantasy; it's finances, what do you expect.

I finally got around to moving all my subversion code off of the webserver. I had planned on doing this for a while because I wanted to drink from the Git fountain just like everyone else. The small problem I had was I was on an old linux system hosting my subversion repos, and I couldn't find a migration tutorial that worked. Well, while posting my PHP IDMEF library</a> to GitHub</a>, I found a tutorial that worked.

So my git repos went into a virtual machine santioned for only that purpose. Ubuntu JeOS 8.04 is the underlying OS since there's no reason to have a lot of horsepower in it. So I will updated my subversion page to be just a general code page. I'll post public git repos there for some of the software I've written. Also, check out php-idmef</a> on github. Documentation on my wiki will be available shortly.