Comcast is out. I called today and canceled it. They were actually nice about the whole deal. They did the usual carrot and stick of trying to get me to stay, but didn't push the issue. I applaud them for their courtesy. Anyways, now we'll see how Netflix does. I was reading their IR documents today at my dad's house and found an interesting tidbit. It turns out their CEO is also on the Board of Directors for Microsoft. Gee, that couldn't possibly be the reason that you can now get Netflix on your 360, or that Netflix uses Silverlight, or that Microsoft and Novell are working together to develop Moonlight; a linux Silverlight Implementation.

Ok, conspiracy theories aside, if Moonlight makes live streaming work with Netflix for linux, I've got no problem with that. They talked on their site about how their web services are still in their infancy and they are looking to improve them much more in the future. One can only hope that that includes "add support for Firefox on linux". Boxee apparently has some sort of beta support for this, but Boxee is still in closed beta it's self. Ahh well, I guess I can wait in the meantime.