Somehow, Joe and I got on the subject of Netflix today at work, among other things.

I had heard of it before but had never really considered it. On the other hand though, I've heard _many_ people sing the praises of the service and Joe has it and continually praises it.

I have cable and my last bill was $63.85. I pay that every month, and in fact, that price just adjusted upwards because Comcast claims their infrastructure is under strain or something. Whatever.

The Netflix subscription I am considering is the 2 disk unlimited deal for 13.99 a month. Netflix apparently has no cancellation fees; I like this. I am not sure about Comcast. I don't believe there will be a cancellation fee, but there _was_ an installation fee of about 30 bucks; eat me again Comcast.

I never go out to the movies due to cost and frankly there's nothing good out, but there are many movies that I have wanted to see. Netflix would meet this need. So what is it about cable then that keeps me attached? A couple things

  • Food network</li>
  • News channels like Fox</li>
  • Discovery channel and similar</li>
    Netflix would be hard pressed to replace that stuff, but that's not really their business model, so they're forgiven. Ultimately the question I need to ask myself is posed like this.

    Netflix. 13.99 * 12 = $167.88 per year

    Comcast. 63.85 (for now) * 12 = $766.20 per year

    I watch about 10 - 20 hours of tv a month. Most of my watching is not done to see new things; it's done to provide background noise or kill time. Only the news channels really provide new stuff.

    If I axed Comcast, and went solely with netflix, that's a savings of $598.32 a year. Christ that seems like a lot of money for the amount of utility(or lack there of) that I get out of cable.

    To supplement news, I could get a receiver from Fry's or something.

    Whew. Well, I'm _always_ complaining about how much I hate paying for cable. There are many free (or much cheaper) services out there like hulu, fancast, and some others. I'm afraid to make that leap though because I'll feel like I've lost something, ya know?

    Can someone reassure me here that I'm not going to care about losing cable and that if I really really do want it again I can always sign back up and eat the installation fee again? It's worth it to go with Netflix and then just be creative with how I get my other fixes right?