I missed the Chicago 2600 users group meeting again! I thought it was the first Wednesday of the month, but it seems it's the first Friday or something? Anyways, it was August 1st, : (

I finally got bags for my bike; no more backpack, woo! Natalie and I went out riding yesterday to look at motorcycles. She found this awesome Shadow that was _just_ outside her price range. She was really bummed (it looked really cool) but I pointed out that it's getting close to the end of summer anyways, so to hold off for now. She'll find a really nice one next summer, and this gives her a chance to figure out the insurance and other things. After all, we just went out that day with the intention to _look_, not buy.

Joe was in a bad mood a couple days ago. I figure it was because

  • I didn't take him for a motorcycle ride</li>
  • I borrowed all his good Wii games</li>
    Or it could be neither of the two (maybe it was anti-Joe who came into work that day while Joe stayed home and watched the kid)

    My toe is progressively getting better. It's tough to break bad habits though. It's funny how I react to temptation though if I'm trying to kick a habit. I get the impression that I treat myself like two people; brain vs personality. I'll get tempted to do something and then just say to myself "no, stop it" like I'm scolding someone else :-P