I have more-or-less finished by room transfer vent project. The blower is in the wall and moving air into the garage. Now, to give it a little while to do it's thing and hopefully it will work.

The drywall removal part was a mess! I don't have the right tools, so I had to make the best of a bad situation with what I had, but man, that stuff gets everywhere and was a PITA to clean up.

Recently I had an itching to use memcached. I've looked at it a number of times to see if I could use it for something neat, and I think I've finally found a damn good use; the CST API. There are several functions in CST API that are sloooooow. They mainly involve LDAP and a fair amount of static data. Memcached to the rescue. I've sped up some most of the account queries; some by an astronomical amount. I had an certain LDAP call that, when used extensively, took upwards of half an hour to finish. That was cut down to roughly 7 seconds with memcached. I love it!