Ok, so it's ~11:15 at night, I'm a bit too loaded up on Summer Shandy, White Russians, and Jameson and Crowl Royal whiskey, and driving home.

When all of a sudden this douche on Eola decides to stop on a yellow light instead of coasting through it like normal people would. Reason he stops, it turns out, is cause there is a cop turning left. Well way to not make a scene buddy.

In his valiant attempt to stop, he screeches his tires and slides for ~10 feet. I'm behind him and I'm like "surely this guy isnt going to stop at this yellow light"; surely...I was wrong.

So I'm like "jesus fuck!" and proceed to lay on my brakes to keep from rear ending the guy. Luckily, the Sonata is well equipped, so I save myself the call to State Farm tomorrow. Unluckily for the guy in front of me, the cop gets his left turn signal.

I see the cop look at me as he turns. I can only imagine the disgusted look on my face as I raised my hand off the steering wheel in one of those "what the fuck are you doing you asshole, why didnt you take the light" looks. The cop does a u-turn (gee...cant imagine who he's going to follow now) and pulls behind a car right behind me.

We move through the light and the guy in front of me kinda speeds up with what I can only imagine is that  "oh great...caught" thought going through his mind. The cop burns around me and takes his spot right behind the douche that decided to almost cause an accident.

Well, they turned off the rode, and lets hope that guy got a good rattling by the cop. This type of shit doesnt happen very often, but when it does, it makes me so content. The shit being "man wheres the cop when you need him"; you know those times. Well, tonight the cop was right there and the dumbass behind the wheel hopefully got what was coming to him.