I have all this vacation that I need to take before September. And why oh why are all these people retiring and now we're stopping involuntary layoffs. Damn them all. I was so looking forwarding to Donald Trumping the whole lot of them.

I saw two movies this past week. The new Hulk movie and Wanted. I thought Hulk was pretty good. I didn't see the first one, but I heard that it was crap. Wanted was an ok movie. It was really far fetched at a lot of times, but it had a whole lot of gratuitous violence and I like that kind of stuff every now and then. I guess Wanted had some comic book history associated with it too???

Now, to get some techno-babble out of the way, I picked up a new APC UPS to sit next to my entertainment center. I also got my hands on a Wii, and Joe let me borrow Warioware (amazing). Dan let me borrow No More Hereos (more amazing) and today I just bought Metroid Corruption (heard it was amazing).

I bought a couple more pieces for the vent I'm going to put in my crawlspace. Man, it gets super hot in there with those servers. I really need to punch this hole quickly.

One last thing. My cousin gave me her old computer because she had gotten a new one. She forgot to tell me that it was broken. Well, it just so happens that it still has a year of warrenty left on it, so yoink, brand new computer. It's an Inspiron 600m. It needed a new mobo and cdrom, but those are covered under warrenty. Free computer ftw. It'll be the media hub for my entertainment center. Woot.