I feel really bad about not putting the effort in to fixing tez's problem with nessquik. I've been engrossed in the netflow app and other small things and nessquik has been put on hold since then. I've decided to focus on his problem tomorrow.

I started Blue Dragon today; awesome game! It's everything I like in an RPG. I was kinda thinking it was going to be crap because I'm really sick and tired of the DBZ-like characters. But the plot if fun and there are new ways of battle that feel fresh while at the same time maintaining the good-old FF type of gameplay.

I also got back in to Bioshock this weekend. The game really is crazy cool when you get further into it. My problem was that I got frustrated with it and reloaded from my last save point...which was 2 hours ago. Doh! I solo'd one of the big daddy's and got my ass handed to me. Oh well, cool game none-the-less.

I've equipped my kitchen with a knife set and a hand mixer. I really wanted cookie dough tonight and didn't have a mixer. Well, now I do :-)