Can be had by playing DDR.

I've got both games for Xbox and just beat the 2nd one so I'm going back to play the first. I like the 2nd one more than the first.

Today I gave a presentation at Illinois Institute of Technology for their NetSecure 08 conference. It's a local thing that they do every year, and while I wouldn't consider some of the people who attend, the uber cream of the computing crop, it's an interesting and informative conference that I get a lot of value out of each year.

Joe says I need to lighten up on things that I've failed at in life. Ok, that's putting it kinda harsh, but he thinks I tend to make the worst of any bad situation. I guess I can agree with that. I put myself under unnecessary stress and grief when I don't accomplish something because I can't stand people who can't seem to get anything accomplished.

I need a hobby. I come home and have nothing to do and it's starting to get depressing. That, coupled with the dimming situation at work is just making things worse.

And I don't like computers any more because of simmer.