So says me after installing Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and having it support all my hardware on my brand new Dell XPS 1210 laptop. Power Management even works! omfg! Yeah so now I love Ubuntu the most. Cya later Fedora and all you purist fucktards who want your "100% gotta be open source instead of functional"-ness.

About this chinese guy or whatever he was in the news recently. Hahaha what a idiot. I'll be the first to say "have fun in hell buddy" I think it's hilarious that he was so fucked up in the head. Cleansing the gene pool though, so at least there's one less of him on this earth.

All you liberals out there that are screaming about how "he was a human first and a murderer second", get a fucking clue. He's a murderer and I'd gladly piss on his body for what he's done. I also would have loved to spit in his face while he was alive just to make his whole existence feel that much worse. People like him are a cancer and the quicker they leave this life the better. Too bad he had to take 30 people with him.

Cry me a river loser, build a bridge, and then get the fuck over it.