Today I cashed in $230 of my hoard of BestBuy gift cards. I came away with a new PS2 controller to replace the one that broke (X button sticks). Also got a Black Nintendo DS Lite and the game Rogue Galaxy.

I also finally finished the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. They all die! Unbelievable! The story should have ended after the first two books. The last 3 books were just painful to read because of how much they sucked. So from here on out I have a host more to read but I'm catching up on video games. I'm in the process of finishing Digital Devil Saga 2; something I've put off doing because the game is quite difficult and annoying.

nessquik 2.5 is slowly coming together. I'm making some architectural changes right now so that I can release 2.6 with authentication soon after Shannon gets me the code that they're writing for me :-)

Fermi's is on the verge of beta testing, but I keep finding little annoyances that are cause for nuking my test database and starting over. I'll have to let Zingelman and Cliff test it eventually.

Today I headed in to work so I could pull some cable for our Cyclades ACS. I got all the cable pulled that I had at my disposal. On Monday I'll be looking to get some host keys for the device to see how well it handles kerberized SSH which, according to the docs and the system, it handles nicely.