So today I received a previously owned Powerbook G4 from one of the guys I work with. It'll more or less be my work laptop for the foreseeable future. I don't like OSX though so I didn't install it. Instead I opted for Ubuntu, see pics</a> for proof.

Everything works great except for one big quirky thing that is pissing me off. The mouse button on the Powerbook is a single button mouse. Linux doesn't jive with the single button-ness so I'm going to have to fix it by pro-carding a small wireless mouse. Other than that, Ubuntu is pretty solid. It's power management stuff blows the pants off of every other distro I've ever used and it also has lots of subtle features I like, such as switching users. The default brown color still sucks but I've already changed it.

I just cant wait to see the faces of the people who see me walk in with my Powerbook and book into Linux. Take that all you mac users!