Today is Thursday and somehow, despite me being on vacation, I was still busy. I needed to get rid of a whole host of old computer hardware from my house and my mom was on my case about throwing it in the garbage. She claims that it's not good for the environment. Frankly I could care less about the environment, but to shut her up I decided to follow her orders; of course she would be wrong again and I would pay for it.

I took all the old stuff to this place called Supply Chain Services in Lombard. They recycle old electronics for you and I thought it would be an O.K. place to go. My mom claimed that they didn't charge anything to dispose of the crap so I was in pretty good spirits. After getting lost for an hour trying to find it though, I came to the devastating realization that this place was going to take my stuff for free. Instead, they charged me 65 bucks! Gee thanks mom! I guess I can always use it as a tax write off though, oh well. I knew she was going to be wrong, because, like always, she is.

After being gouged for 65 bucks, I needed to drop my brothers guitar off at the place he takes lessons. That, thankfully, went well. After that I was hungry so where to but Subway for sandwich deliciousness. Since then I've more or less been planted at home continuing to move junk out of my room. My mom is, as always, consistently on my case about everything; did I say I was moving out?

So thats about the extent of the excitement for today. It's chilly outside but it is nicer than it's been. Atelier Iris 2 is closely approaching completion.